Technical characteristics

17 layers Multi-reflective insulation:

Ø 2 reflective and reinforced polyester foils
Ø 2 layers polyester wool
Ø 7 inner reflective foils
Ø 6 PE foams


Thickness +/- 33 mm
Dimensions per roll 1,25 x 12m = 15m²
Reflectivity ± 95%
Operating temperatures -40°C to +80°C
Tensile strength L = 250 N / mm2 • D = 270 N /mm2
Thermal equivalence The methods of calculation used for defining the installation value (value U) appears to be barely appropriate to reflection integrators. By taking into consideration the various modes of energy transfer and by placing at the installation between two air gaps, we have a thermal barrier against heat and cold and we obtain results of saving energy as a thick insulating material of roofing bigger 200 mm acting by absorption according try in situ.
Acoustic attenuation + 37 db (The acoustic attenuation indices referred to installation between two air attenuation gaps + concrete tiles doubled of the roof.
BBA Tested U = 0,45 m².K/W (EN12667 and EN6946)